Acne body wash for those times when acne starts to appear on more than just the face. Very commonly acne tends also to occur on other larger areas such as the back, neck, chest shoulders and even the upper parts of the arm. Although acne is well known to occur on the T-Zone (the area around your nose and cheeks) it is not uncommon for acne to appear on other parts of the body. However, treatment for body acne is the same as facial acne, there is really no difference.

Causes of Body Acne

Acne is simply the result of trapped oil produced by your oil glands. This oil can become trapped when dead skin cells, dirt and other debris mix with the oil and effectively act as a plug over the tiny hole through which the oil finds its way onto the skin. This blockage results in blackheads and if the oil becomes infected with bacteria than a pimple will result.

Oil glands are located primarily on the face, however they also exist in other areas of the body. Like the face the back and upper chest area has the highest number of oil glands. Each oil gland carries with it a small chance that it will black and cause a pimple or blackhead to form. It is not hard to imagine how body and face acne is just the same thing but in different areas.

One point worth mentioning, clothing may not directly cause acne, however if you have tight clothing over existing acne, than the friction between skin and the clothing can further irritate the skin and thus make breakouts worse. If you do have body acne, than it is best to wear loose clothing.

Acne Body Wash

Body acne is treated the same way that acne on the face is. You can treat individual breakouts by using salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. You can buy topical ointments with varying strengths that you apply directly over the pimple. Resist the temptation to pick or squeeze pimples as this can cause scaring. Using a topical ointment is normally enough to take care of the occasional breakout or pimple or two.

Any acne body wash with salicylic acid is the first step in treating acne. Additionally for preventative reasons a body wish with an Alpha Hydroxy Acid in it such as glycolic or lactic acid will exfoliate your skin and prevent blockage of the pores that leads to blackheads or pimples. Chemical exfoliates are the best choice, there is no need to rely on mechanical scrubbing to remove dead skin cells. Doing so can induce further breakouts.

For those with more severe acne problems, an acne body wash alone may not be enough. If so please see your doctor. As part of an overall treatment plan you maybe given other treatment options such as the use of retin A or antibiotics.

Best Acne Body Wash Recommendations

  • The best acne body wash should
  • Target acne and help it heal over faster
  • Keep the skin clean to prevent future breakouts
  • Be gentle enough for daily use

There is only one product that really do all that! Look for any body wash or spray that contains salicylic acid in it. However look closely at the % strength indicated on the product. Salicylic acid only really works most effectively when the minimum strength is at least 2%. Anything less than that and the product will most likely not work very effectively in both treating and preventing body acne.

Acne Body Wash Caution

Salicylic acid at 2% is also gentle enough to use daily on most skin types. However if you do experience any excessive drying or irritation, stop using the product. This is not normal and may exacerbate acne breakouts.