Shopping for swimsuits might look like a stressful thing to do but it’s possible to find that swimsuit that will suit you perfectly, no matter what body type you have. Once you’ve found out your body type, choosing the style and design of your swimsuit will be as easy as 1-2-3!

Here are some tips:

1. Choose sexy and fashionable swimsuit.

One-piece swimsuit can also highlight the contour of your body. The thing is that only lesser portion of the body is revealed. That’s where the interesting part begins. Add the mysterious effect by not showing everything. One-piece swimsuits usually reveal more back and less tummy, other types show some cleavage and thighs. It’s up to the one wearing it to decide what to flaunt and what to conceal.

2. Choose appropriate swimwear if you are going to actually swim.

Look for the swimsuit that doesn’t cut in the shoulder area. Make sure that the fabric is comfortable, stretchable, and doesn’t sink in the backside. If you are going to swim all day with require lots of movements, bikini strings are no-no. Nobody wants to have an accidentally swimsuit malfunction while swimming in a beach full of people.

3. Consider your bikini tops wisely.

Your bust will determine what type of bikini tops to choose. If you have small bust, avoid wearing tops with too much fabric or doesn’t fit perfectly. It will just give emphasis to the small bust. But for bigger bust, flaunt your asset by opting for wide shoulder straps rather than the thin spaghetti straps as it will be more comfortable. Straight cut bust style gives the sporty and clean vibe. However, you must stay away from strapless bandeau tops and tri-tops provide minimal coverage. Thus, it will give more emphasis on the large bust and more probably, the feeling of minimal coverage will be uncomfortable.

4. Achieve longer legs.

One trick to appear having longer legs is wearing a solid bikini bottom as it will draw the eye of the viewer upward. Thus, it will make you appear longer. Vertical stripes design still do the magic of lengthening the body.

Avoid boy shorts and skirted bikinis draw the eye downward. It is definitely a no-no as it makes you look shorter.

5. Highlight body contours.

Some women have long body shape so it’s good to have embellishments at the hips or bust-line part. Unlike for the ones with shorter legs or torso, horizontal stripes are for you. Fabrics like stretch terry and velvet are good for you. For one-piece suits, try the new cut-out suits. It offers the effect of shortening the legs just like how the bikini does. Boy shorts are made suited for your slim hips. You can also wear ruffled skirts and some cover-ups. Don’t go for vertical stripes design since it will make you look longer. High neckline with dark and solid colors draw the eyes upward, therefore, making you appear longer.

6. Add curves.

If your waist is too slim to the point that it is not giving you shape at all, create some curves by wearing a one-piece suit with a high-on-thigh cut. The belted waistline gives the look of a shapely middle. Other designs that can give that effect are draped surplice detail, and a curvy seam line. Not only one-piece swimsuits look good on you, bikinis also. Make your hips look wider by adding ruffles, rings, and bows on the bottom. If you have smaller bust, try wearing a strapless bandeau together with your chosen bottom. Suited top and bottom combination will be dark and solid bottom with a wildly printed or embellished top. Solid-colored or horizontal striped one-piece suits are not for you. It will make you look straight.

7. Balance is the key.

When dealing with wide shoulders, remember that “V” silhouettes are not for you because it will counter your goal to achieve balance in the torso and bottom part of your body. You can avoid it by not wearing plunging necklines and those tiny bikini bottoms.

Whether you’re going to a beach party or just hanging out on the pool, remember that it’s all about confidence. When choosing a swimsuit, consider what will fit you ON THE DAY you’ll use it. Not after you hit the gym or after you had tan. Go with someone you trust when shopping and try for more options. Most importantly, don’t forget to feel confident. How you feel in the inside can be seen on the outside. Don’t just be on the side, go out in the sun and show them what you’ve got!