Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair from virtually any part of the body. It can be performed on the face, neck, underarms, arms, legs, back, bikini, chest, stomach, ears, and even for a full Brazilian. There are several points you need to be aware of before getting the procedure done.

Know who is performing the treatment. As the popularity increases so does the number of people claiming to be experts who perform the procedures. Ask about the experience of the provider and in general, it is better to have a physician or medical provider who understands the different lasers and skin type to perform the treatments. Ask for before and after as well as references if you are not sure.

Know the technology the centers posses where you will be getting treatments. Many providers are only experienced with one type of laser. It is better to go to someone who owns their lasers rather than renting them on a periodic basis because this shows their commitment to learn the technology and properly utilize the laser. Not everyones skin type and hair type is the same and therefore a laser that may be good on one skin type may be dangerous for someone else.

Ask about the cost. Most places will try to sell you a package. Ask about specifics as well as what exactly the package entails. At Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Center, all of our packages come with a lifetime guarantee, meaning you will pay only once for you laser hair removal treatments. This kind of commitment usually means that someone is dedicated and able to get you results. It also demonstrates that your laser provider is not just trying to make money from you.

Know who can and can’t get laser hair removal. Pregnant and nursing women in general should avoid laser hair removal. Also children under the age of 14 is a relative contraindication. Diseases stimulated by light such as lupus as well as poor controlled diabetes is a relative contraindication as this can cause an exacerbation of the disease or result in permanent side effects such as scarring and pigment changes.

Know the risk of laser hair removal. While laser technology as advances greatly and can be used on any skin types, there are always risks associated with the procedure. Be wary of someone who tells you there are no side effects. Laser treatments can result in pigment changes, burns and even rarely scarring. While many of these complications are temporary, they can occur. That is always why it is important to goto a medical professional rather than a technician without physician backup. While complications can occur to anyone, your provider should be comfortable dealing with them instead of turning their back on you.

Know that it is not possible to remove all your hair permanently. Results are primarily dependent on not only hair type but also skin type. The ideal candidate is light skinned with thick, dark hair. While anyone can enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal, results tend to be better in someone with darker, thicker hair rather than someone with lighter, finer hair. In general, laser hair removal is not very effective for extremely fine hair or light or white hair. Rarely, laser hair removal can even results in an increase in hair growth, although this is uncommon.

Know how many treatments you will require. While every is different, most people can expect a significant reduction within 4 to 6 treatments. Some people may require more while others may see a significant decrease after just one treatment. It is important to realize that multiple treatments are required often spaced at least one month apart. The reason for this is that hair grows in different stages and laser hair removal is generally effective while the hair is in the active growth phase. Depending on the area, about 15 to 20% of the hair is in the active growth phase and that is why you need multiple sessions.

Know the preparation before the laser hair removal treatments and after. It is important to realize that you cannot wax, pluck, or tweeze the areas you are contemplating getting the laser hair removal procedure. It is permissible to shave, bleach, or use depilatory agents to keep the hair at skin level. Remember the hair does not need to be sticking out above the skin for the treatment to be effective and in some instances may actually hinder the treatments. Laser hair removal works by targeting the root of the hair below the skin.

Know what to expect after the laser hair removal treatments. Your skin may be red and irritated with some swelling after the procedure. It may look like tiny insect bites of hives. This is normal and should resolve within a few hours but may take up to 2 days. Stay out of the sun before and after the treatments as this increase your risk for pigment changes. Also blistering or grayish discoloration of the treatment area is not normal and may signify a burn to the area or result in pigment changes. Call your laser hair removal provider should this occurs.

Laser hair removal is an excellent way to never having to worry about shaving or waxing. It does result in significant permanent reduction of hair growth. For more information on laser hair removal visit LaserHairNJ.Com.

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