Everyone wants the perfect body. Having a well-shaped figure accentuates your overall look, and you feel more confident. But, due to age and other factors, your body loses its perfect shape, and you end up with sagging body parts. This is particularly true for your buttocks.

Everyone prefers firm buttocks. But as we grow old, our buttocks become saggy and flat. But, you can get back to the previous shape by following some exercises and a proper diet. You can also take medical help to lift your buttocks. Many cosmetic treatments can be done to lift your sagging buttocks. So, choose the best option and stay in shape.

Why do your buttocks become saggy?

Before discussing further, you must understand why your buttocks become saggy in the first place. Once you understand the reasons, you will be able to select the best cure. There are mainly three reasons behind saggy buttocks. They are:

Weak gluteal muscles

These are your biggest muscles. When glutes become weak, you face a lot of problems. It makes your buttocks saggy and causes weakness in the feet, pain in your lower back, and knee pain. Poor nutrition, less activity, and muscle loss can weaken your glutes. But, with proper exercise and diet, they become strong.

Extra body fat

Your body stores fat in different places, your buttocks too. Excessive fat around your buttock area can make them saggy. Other methods can also reduce this fat.


Those over 50 years of age are likely to have loose buttocks. This is caused by muscle loss and fat. Both of these come with aging. The lack of elasticity in your skin can also make your buttocks saggy. You can treat all these conditions naturally and medically.   

What are the ways to lift a sagging buttock?

After reading the causes of saggy buttocks, you must have understood the role of gluteal muscles in keeping our buttocks in shape. You need to exercise properly and eat healthy to make your muscles strong and burn all excess fat.

A list of guidelines is given here that can lift your saggy buttocks.

1. Climbing stairs

Climbing stairs is the most common and effective exercise to shape your body. While you climb stairs, your thighs, buttocks, and claves get in shape. It burns a lot of calories. If you carry some weight while climbing, it will be more effective.

2. Treadmill walking

For beginners, walking on a treadmill will be beneficial. It will burn your extra fat and strengthen your body muscles. Walking on the treadmill at least 15 minutes a day is important. This alone may not fix your saggy buttocks, but it will build your strength so that you can do more exercises.

3. Step-ups

Step-ups can effectively reduce your fat and shape your buttocks. Even if you do not have a step-up box, you can use a chair or a bench. When you perform this exercise, your hamstrings, calf muscles, glutes, and quadriceps get toned. It will also enhance your balance.

4. Deep squats

Squats are great for your thighs and buttocks. Deep squats are more effective because they put more pressure on your target areas. If you suffer from knee problems, you should not do deep squats.

5. Lunges

Lunges are an essential part of buttock lifting exercises. By doing lunges, you can build your leg and buttock muscles. They can also burn all the fat around your lower body.

6. Medical buttock lifting treatments

Many fillers and surgeries can be applied to lift your buttocks. These medical treatments must be done by certified healthcare professionals and clinics such as AFYA Skin and Body. Some of these treatments have minor side-effects. So, before you opt for any, you must consult with your physician.

Also, gather all the available information about the treatment before your book an appointment. These medical treatments are safe and risk-free only when done by experts.

7. Healthy diet

Apart from exercising, you must follow a healthy diet to stay fit. Add more protein to your diet as it improves muscle growth and helps with muscle recovery. Whole foods are also effective for weight loss. Carbs that you get from vegetables, beans, and other such sources are good for your body. Eating fish that contains omega3 is also suggested by doctors. Omega3 burns your excessive fat and promotes muscle growth.

You must also avoid all types of junk and processed foods. Fries, soda, cakes, sugar, everything is very harmful to your health. Also, avoid eating more than your body needs. Increase the number of meals and eat in small portions.


Staying well-shaped takes a lot of effort and determination. You need to follow all these guidelines if you want firm buttocks. So, try these and see the result yourself.